Why Choose Us?

Self Build House Construction Experts

We save you Time and Money on your Self Build project

  • The average cost to build your home structure to a weather tight condition is €20-25 / Sq. Foot
  • We do this within, on average, 6 weeks!
  • We save you the average of 18% that other self build contractors charge to bring a house to the point where the second fix trades come on site
  • Your self built house has a very high insulation rating of A
  • The quality of our work will enable the other trades to do their jobs easier, faster and will give you a better result
  • You maintain control of your Self-Build as we transition you from our phase into the second fix phase

Of course we always stand behind our work and even though the remainder of the self build construction project is in your hands, we will be available to advise you if questions arise. If there is a need for further help we are available to discuss your needs.

We offer professional interior design, project management and quality trade services to bring your self built house to completion.

“Semi Self-Build….the Best of Both Worlds!”

Have a listen to Mark as he explains our Semi Self-Build process and how you can have the very Best of Both Worlds!